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Photo walks part of Easter Programme

Photographers, young and old, novice and experienced, should dust off their lenses for Easter Weekend as the St Francis Photography Club will host a Photo Walk Competition as part of the Port St Francis Eco Sport Festival.

Photo walks are very popular world wide, where photographers are send to capture images according to a specific theme in a certain time frame.

“The idea of our competition is only to capture the moment, not to edit and beautify the images, as we want to give anybody the opportunity to go out and be creative, whether it is with a good point and shoot camera or even a photo taken with a cell phone,” Emlyn Horne from the Club said.  DVD’s will also be allowed.

“Photographers can register at the Dock’s Cafe (old Dock of the Bay) on Friday April 6, where they will get the rules of the competition as well as the tasks laid out for the weekend.”  Times will include early mornings and even a night time shoot.  “You don’t have to go out as a group, as long as you stick to the times.”

A task for a night shoot will also be given, as it is full moon on Friday night (April 6) and the otters at the Port usually come out at night time.  The Two Harbour Walk will be another venue, as well as the area down to Shark Point.

Photos (limited per task) will have to be emailed to the judges, and will be posted on the Port St Francis website.  More information will be given out at registration.

Featured image:  Cornelius Coetzer, principal of Stulting Primary, with his learners during a beach clean up on Tuesday March 22, Taken by Tanya Loots.


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