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Soccer club open to all 6312 youngsters

Two Sea Vista gentlemen, Thomas Schoes and Ace, as they are known by the players, have started a Soccer Academy, aimed at all under 17 players in 6312 almost a year ago.

They started in April last year and have up to 35 kids coming for training four afternoons a week in order to build up their skills, strength and also give them something positive to do.

Training now also takes place in the

 Village opposite the St Francis Service Station on Monday afternoons with an open invitation to all children from 6312 to join and have fun while getting some good excersize and training.

Some St Francis College parents have donated some cones, a soccer ball and a whistle, with the aim to get uniforms in the near future.

Keen soccer enthusiasts and future players are invited to join the group at R25 per child per month to assist in their savings to purchase more items such as soccer balls, more cones, uniforms as well as for money for transport to get to games.

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