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Huge container found west of CSF, another on JBay beach

On Tuesday July 17, a huge cylindrical container was spotted on the rocks, about 4km west of the Cape St Francis Lighthouse by Eric Stewart during his early morning cycle.  At the same time Jeffreys Bay’s Sea Rescue was called out to investigate a beached whale, but a similar object was found in stead.  Two more have since been found and vessels had been warned to be on the lookout for a fifth container, propably still adrift.Eric saw the object about 1km from the car park at Sunset Rocks.  “It is huge and very heavy, as it doesn’t even move when hit by a big wave,” Eric said.  “It can easily be 6m long and 2m in diametre, same as the one found on the Kabeljous beach.”  It is estimated that it weights between 10 and 20 tons.

The Wild Side's mystery object Volunteers of NSRI Jeffreys Bay was called out to the beach between Kabeljous beach and the Gamtoos River Mouth, where they found a similar object.  Rieghard Janse van Rensburg, Station Commander for NSRI Jeffreys Bay said his volunteer crew had been activated around 09:15 to investigate the “beached whale.”

“We only found the large cylindrical shaped object about 6 meters long and 2 meters in diameter,” says Rieghard.  “Admittedly, from a distance it did look like a whale.”

MRCC (Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre) confirmed on Wednesday afternoon that in total five containers were washed off the deck of the Chinese Ship Anguan Gjing, sailing from Durban to Nigeria, over the past weekend in heavy sea storms, between Port Elizabeth and St Francis Bay.

Container They also confirmed that the containers are empty, and present no environmental risk.  It has not been decided how to salvage the containers from inaccessable sites such as the one close to Cape St Francis.

News24 earlier reported that the incident is treated as a marine safety issue.

“If anyone sees the fifth one, please contact Port Control in Port Elizabeth on 041-507 1911.”


Featured image:  Eric Stewart

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