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9.01 kiteboarding @ Cape St Francis

Editorial: 21 January 2015

For a lot of locals this week is a case of “back to school, back to reality.”  I have a very lonely Rottweiller sleeping with her head on my foot right now, instead of chilling with the kids as she did for the last six odd weeks.

Back to reality – the slate is clean.  It is up to us to fill the pages of this year with exciting and interesting things to encourage visitors to come to our shores.

However, no fun filled programme will be bring happiness if the venue doesn’t do justice to the beauty of our area.  Let’s stop blaming the autorities, they have problems of their own – and do something about the filth on the sides of our roads, the illegal advertising, the broken signs – you know the list.

If we all Do One Thing, it will make the world a better place.  Tackle what irritates you most, and I bet within a few weeks we will all see the difference.

Lekker lees


(Do One Thing – got that from Braam Malherbe, environmentalist and sportsman).

Photo:  Hettie Meyer