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on top of the world

Editorial: 23 October 2014

Yesterday I was walking with a group of hikers through the Sand River, and I know it is something the majority of locals have never done.  I know walking far distances is not everyone’s cup of tea, but this one should be on your bucket list.

We know, from what we have seen and experienced in 6312, the power of wind and water – but if you walk down this unique dune bypass system two weeks in a row you cannot believe how it changes – something I never knew or thought would be possible.

I learnt that it takes 30 years for the sand to move from Oyster Bay to the Kromme River and back by the current, just to start the journey again – but to see how a strong westerly or easterly change something in front of your eyes is an unbelievable experience.

What a privilege – join me next time.

Lekker lees


Photo:  On top of the world – after nearly 6 hours on their feet, this group of Chokka Trail slackpackers climbed the highest dune to enjoy the view.