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rose tinted

Editorial: 28 August 2014

To appreciate this story, you would have had to know my godfather, oom Hennie.  He lived in Pofadder (true story).  Owner of 95% of the local businesses including the Mercedes garage.  Yes, Pofadder had one.

He also had a transport company, and I am sure he was into mining.  And he had his own aeroplane.  All the macho stuff.  But oom Hennie would religiously go to the local library once a week and take out the Afrikaans equivalents of Mills & Boon.  He said life is hard enough, that’s why he only reads “vry-stories.”

Maybe that planted the seed of my habit to see things through rose tinted glasses – like the good-news-SFVN.  But let me tell you, you don’t need those glasses to see the good in life – we had a oopsie at our house this week (long story).  And let me tell you – from Elmo (Tilink) bringing material to our house, the two Henry’s at PennyPinchers (who I am sure rearranged their whole day to help me), James who made his bricklayer available right away (his name is King, and he asks me every morning if my cold is better) to the three guys who are very happy to have a job for a few days – they all brought light into our lives this week.  Thank you my lovely small town community!

Lekker lees