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monkey bird eric

Editorial: 25 March 2015

Times flies when you are having fun, they say.  Then I must be on a serious fun-seeking adventure as I just cannot believe we are a week away from Easter weekend.

Those of you who know where I live, will know that Eric recreated a forest in our garden over the last 20 years – and I cannot believe that it is almost 20 years since we moved into this house that hardly had a garden (I will not mention any names…).  We now have no sun shining into the house during winter months (so glad we have a fire place), but the birdlife in our garden is just amazing.  I can sit here for hours and listen to them – just a pity I can’t identify a single one!  Maybe the birdclub should come for tea!

Well, please read the short article about the various walks over Easter, it would be great seeing all of you there!

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