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nautilus shell

Editorial: 24 July 2014

Sometimes you get rewarded for a little effort in the most unexpected way.  But you have to see it in that light, or it means nothing.

Last week we did our 67 Minutes for Madiba doing a coastal cleanup on Thysbaai (while the St Francis Birders cleaned a section west of Thysbaai and the St Francis Kromme Trust tackled, together with 95% of the community, the west of Cape St Francis).

It is really hard work, but we were rewarded – for the first time in my life, I have stumbled upon a Nautilus shell.  I have to be honest – I saw this “plastic lid” and was a bit fedup to walk the extra distance to pick it up – and then it wasn’t plastic!  What an amazing experience, to see and touch the very brittle pure white shell.  Not to forget the huge seal sun tanning behind a rock that gave Eric the fright of his life, or the otter spoor we found a little further.

What more can we ask from life?

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