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Editorial: 31 August 2014

Success & significance.  It is often hard to define success, as it mostly comes at a price.  Significance, on the other hand, not.  I don’t think so.

It took Pete van Kets 76 days to cross the Atlantic ocean in a solo rowing boat.  He brougth back one word - significance.

We often battle with the question why some people’s life is cut short, why are they taken prematurely (according to us).  None of us knew we would never see Wilna again (see article), but one thing is clear - her life had significance.  She touched so many lives, if I think of her, I think of her softness, her gentleness, always always always with a smile on her face.  We will miss her, but she will never be forgotten.


PS:  I just finished Pete’s book, The Eighth Summit.  Loved every page.  Get a copy, you won’t regret it.