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chokka trail chicken run

Editorial: 12 September 2014

Next week is Clean Up SA Week, and International Coastal Clean Up Day on Saturday 20 September.  The St Francis Kromme Trust as well as the Chokka Trail Coastal Cleanup have registered with SA Plastic to undertake coastal cleanups on that day – and we will send information on what we have collected back to them for further research.

However, we don’t need research to know we have a responsibility to keep our coastline clean.  We are lucky that we don’t have rivers bringing stuff down directly from poluted areas, however, we have our fair share of plastic bottles, dollies, fishing crates, plastic bags, ropes, lighters, shoes – not to mention lego, toothbrushes and other items washing up.

Last week we had a great group of Chokka Trail hikers – they were so shocked by the status of the coastline at Oyster Bay, that they have asked for bags for the rest of their hike.  They understand that it is a global problem, but anyone can make a difference in picking up – one bag at a time.

Please do your share next week – it will be much appreciated.

Lekker lees