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Editorial: 22 May 2015

It takes a village to raise a child, they say.  True.  It takes a village to create a successful tourist destination too.  Especially if most of the local businesses are tourism related, as is the case in 6312.

St Francis Tourism is hosting an open social “soup and sherry” night on Monday, 25 May at the St Francis Links, 18h30 for 19h00 (soup and sherry is free!).  Please join Brian Codling and his committee, as your input, either as individual or business owner, is vital for the future of our town.  Financial support from the Kouga Municipality is stable and a good support, but St Francis Tourism needs further support for their projects in order to promote St Francis as the preferred holiday destination.

Come see – exciting times with a new website already a work in progress, as is a map/brochure that includes the entire mandate of St Francis Tourism, focusing on our activities in the area as well as a post mortem of the Nautical Festival.

See you there!  Meanwhile, lekker lees!