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Why an e-letter?

A house guest from Russia commented on our lifestyle in St Francis.  She said that I should blog about what we do in St Francis Bay, as she finds it very interesting and unique.  Being a journalist with a love for my Village, and the thought of sharing our activities with the world, the idea of an e-letter, St Francis Village News was born.

The majority of our home owners do not live here permanently but has a need to know what is happening while away.  Regular visitors want to stay in touch to plan their next visit – and what better way than using email.

St Francis Village News is a community paper with a difference – only distributed via email, backed by a website with active followers on Facebook.  The possibilities of digital journalism are endless  – no more deadlines or printing cost!  We can use as many photos and graphics as we want, link to other websites or interesting articles, we have had music and dvds, we do polls and our readers can comment on articles – to list but a few.  Our e-letter is based on good old fashioned journalistic principles, giving you the local news (no story too big or too small) as long as it is in the interest of the community – but with one big difference – no blood or guts, negative municipal issues or politics.

Thanks to my dearest school friend, Marie du Preez, St Francis Village News was born, crawling at 4 months, has outgrown the baby shoes and have taken the first steps towards being a proper business venture.  Mari is the developer and designer, and every month after SFVN is send out, I email her to say “thank you, once again it is looking good,” to which she always will reply “it’s all in the content.”  We are both right – in digital journalism a good story might disappear if it doesn’t look good, and a good looking story might not be read at all!

Lekker lees!

Esti Stewart & Marie du Preez

PS: Please note that I was born and bred in Namibia, where English was not a second language, but a foreign language. Some people still only use it for self defense, so please pardon a few grammatical errors. Despite that, I think my English teachers will now finally be proud of me!  Ed.